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Due to the COVID_19, our salon has been closed for 3 months. Please be patient with us while we prepare to properly put things in order, before our re-opening. There are extra pre-cautions and safety guidelines that we must now follow to protect the client and staff from this horrible pandemic. What to expect:

◦ We are servicing one client at a time. Please do not bring extra people into the salon.

◦ Time is of the essence. We are urging clients to be on time for their appointment. If you are late, there will be an extra charge ($1.00 per minute).

◦ If you happen to cancel your appointment at the last minute, within 8 hours before your appointment, there will be a $30.00 charge.

◦ Please wear a face mask before entering the salon and sanitize hands at station.

◦ If you have a fever or experiencing symptoms of a Cold, COVID-19: coughing or sneezing, even if it’s your allergies, please do not enter the salon.

◦ We are temporarily suspending walk-in appointments because we will be servicing fewer clients daily.

We will be temporarily suspending beverage and food amenities.

For the month of June, the online-appointment schedule will be unavailable. All appointments will be through text or phone.

For right now, all client consultations will be virtual through Facetime, IG video, FB video, Skype or any other conference video-platform.

Note: Our prices have gone up due to, extra disinfecting, equipment, overhead and etc. Keep in mind that some services that were once four-week maintenance services could be more extended and require more time and product than average.

Please click on the link below to review our updated prices.

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