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Our Silk Press Beats The Rest

A silk press hairstyle is a modern technique used to straighten natural hair without the use of harsh chemicals. The process involves washing and conditioning the hair, then blow-drying it with a round brush to stretch and smooth it out.

Once the hair is dry, a flat iron is used to straighten each section of hair, taking care to maintain its natural texture and avoid heat damage. The result is a sleek and shiny look that resembles the texture of silk.

A silk press hairstyle can be worn for several days, provided the hair is not exposed to moisture or sweat, which can cause it to revert back to its natural curl pattern. The technique is popular for its ability to transform natural hair into a straight, glossy style without causing damage or altering its natural texture. Additionally, silk press styles can be easily customized to suit different hair types and lengths.

silky long hair, silk press and ends trimmed


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