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Neneh Cherry Featured Rockin Braids Styled by 'Hair Escapades' Owner Amber Hopson in Vogue F

Swedish Musician Neneh Cherry was featured in the current Vogue Fashion article after her performance at Soho House in Miami, FL. The article commends her timeless fashion style, author Rachel Hahn writes,"Last night, she performed at Soho House in Miami for an Art Baselparty in a burnt orange, all-over leopard print Stella McCartney set that she could have rocked just as easily in her Raw Like Sushi days. Cherry finished off the youthful set with long, royal blue braids, and yes, her signature earrings. Cherry’s mastery of the tricky print proves, once and for all, that there’s no age limit on daring style"(Hahn, December 6, 2018, Check out the article here!

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