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The Fab Curly Cut

The Fab Curly Cut is a specialized haircut that is designed to enhance the natural texture of curly or wavy hair. This type of haircut is typically performed one our curly stylist who is experienced in working with curly hair and understands its unique needs. During a curly haircut, the stylist will use techniques such as layering, thinning, and shaping to create a customized cut that complements the natural curl pattern of the hair.

The goal of a curly haircut is to create a shape that enhances the texture and volume of the curls, while also providing a manageable and easy-to-style look. The stylist may also recommend specific products or styling techniques to help maintain the health and appearance of the curls between haircuts. A properly executed curly haircut can transform frizzy or unruly curls into defined and beautiful locks, making it a popular choice for those with natural curls or waves.


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